When and Where To Use The Drop-In-Heel

If you’re familiar with OluKai footwear at all, then you’d know that nearly all of our sneakers, slippers, and even some boots have our patented Signature Drop-In Heel®. Born from the idea of living in the Islands, where one kicks off their shoes at the door, we believe that footwear should feel seamless. Thus, the Drop-In Heel® design responds to that need for ease and versatility — where functionality meets flexibility.


In short: It’s a durable, collapsible heel built into the shoe, so that if you’re feeling cruiser and just wanna convert that sneaker into a mule — just slide right in, hands-free. It feels right for a lot of moments, we promise. But which moments might necessitate our signature Drop-In Heel® feature? Read on and we’ll tell ya about it…


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You’re In Cruise-Mode Indoors, But Gotta Run Outside for a Quick Errand…


That couch is feeling mighty nice right about now, but you just remembered: Trash comes tomorrow morning ‘round dawn, and if you don’t act now, you’ll certainly forget in 5 minutes. Better get that done. Of course, this job isn’t necessarily robust enough to lace up the sneakers, let alone toss on two socks…but you’re also not charging it barefoot. This is precisely where a Drop-In Heel comes in handy. You just flip down, slide in sockless, and be on your way in comfort. (And back on the couch in 30 seconds-flat). The “Gotta Run Outside” options are endless of course. Left the BBQ propane on? Sprinklers still running? Paycheck’s waiting in the mailbox? Drop-In and handle that.


When and Where To Use The Drop-In-Heel


Men's Pick: Moloā Moloā is a true master of casual versatility. We use natural, high-character leathers. Hues and color tones can vary slightly from pair to pair. 


Women's Pick: Pehuea Lī Lightweight, breathable and featuring an airy, all-mesh upper, the energetic Pehuea Lī is always ready for adventure, no matter where you’re headed.


You’re Having a Party on the Lanai (Porch) But You’re Going In and Out the House A Lot


Perhaps you’re playing host, but there’s a divide. There’s the inside guests…and then the ones that just want to kick it on the lanai and feel that cool outdoor breeze. You’re trying to schmooze with both, and beyond the pile of shoes and sandals left at the door from the inside crew — everyone outside’s got footwear on. Thus, transferring from in to out, back and forth, just leaving that heel down in mule-mode sure saves some time — especially if you’ve got a handful of beers to give away — while simultaneously keeping your footwear on while on the porch.


Men's Pick: Kākaha A laidback slip-on inspired by the rich, smooth feel of fine leather that looks good no matter the event, casual or buttoned-up.


Women's Pick: Kīlea All the nostalgia of retro sneakers reimagined for the beach lifestyle. Kīlea uses a classic lace-up design and contrasting materials for everyday style.


You’re At the Beach and Your Hands Are Just Too Full to Pull the Heel Up


It’s that inevitable “pumpkin time” of the afternoon after a solid day of beaching with the fam when you’ve got to pack up and get back to the car. It’s a little walk (nothing crazy), but you’re not trying to do it twice. This is a one and done carry-job. Thus, with arms full of beach toys, coolers, boogie boards and beach chairs, all you’ve got to do it slip into those shoes — hands-free. Voila, Drop-In Heel to the rescue and you’re walking back in comfort…as comfortable as one can be carrying everyone else’s stuff.


When and Where To Use The Drop-In-Heel


Men's Pick: Lae‘ahi Comfortable barefoot wear is paramount for the perfect, everyday beach sneaker. 


Women's Pick: Hā’upu All the comfort and cushioning you need in a modern sneaker with the old-school style you love.


You’re in Yard or Park With the Fam Slipping In and Out of Your Shoes


It’s play at the park time and you’ve got a drop-blanket spread out for the fam, trying to reel in some of the kids from the playground so they can, you know, consume nourishment and not starve. You thought you had them herded, even had your shoes kicked off, and everyone was finally lunching. But then…someone brought a foam rocket launcher to the field, and off they go. You might be back on the blanket, you might not (it’ll probably be a combo of both), and for that on and off situation, the Drop In Heel functions quite perfectly.


Men's Pick: Lae‘ahi Lī A waxed canvas sneaker designed for leisurely days or all-weather exploration.


Women's Pick: Pehuea Crafted with lightweight materials, our signature Drop-In Heel®, and a removable/washable insole, this slip-on sneaker is as vibrant and laid-back as life in the Islands.


You Simply Just Didn’t Plan On Actually Running Today


It’s just one of those days… It’s not that you can’t be bothered, but you’re taking things slow, taking life as it happens, as they say. You might putter around the house, you might take the pup for a walk down the street, you might even end up grabbing a coffee while you’re at it. But the pace is set to cruise-control and that heel has been dropped because when it’s up, that’s a commitment. And today is just not that kind of day.


Men's Pick: Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili A beach sneaker that features the best-in-class construction with waterproof leather to put a sophisticated spring in your step.


Women's Pick: Pehuea Lī ‘Ili Your everyday sneaker, crafted with soft, full-grain leather that forms to your feet with every step.


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